The Institute for Chromotherapy provides an environment targeted towards Energetic Balancing using Color, Light, and Energy Motion techniques. In addition, the Institute for Chromotherapy yields training in these particular disciplines and modalities. Upon completion of the following workshops, one could commence his journey of healing himself and others using these techniques.

Chromotherapy: $975.00 3 Days
The ChromoliteTM penlight with crystal tip will be applied to specific acupuncture points and meridans of the body to balance energetic blockage. These blockages are the result of emotional, physical, and external stressors. Chromotherapy may be used for a variety of energetic imbalances such as: pain, depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep deprivation, intestinal disturbances, endocine insufficiency, cancer, laterality, polarity balancing, S.A.D., addictions, carpal tunnel syndrome, sinus and allergy conditions. People with little or no training in the healing arts are able to use this process within moments of receiving instruction.

Phototherapy (Color and Light through the Eyes): $975.00 3 Days
The Spectral Receptivity System II (SRSII) is the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art, education projection system ever designed. It is used through the eyes to desensitize us to the habitual triggers that catalyze emotional and physical stress that eventually lead to disease.

Spectro-Chrome Therapy: $975.00 3 Days
Spectro-Chrome is the use of specific colors (frequencies) projected onto areas of the body, bringing the body into balance. Let There Be Light, The Practical Manual for Spectro-Chrome Therapy by Darius Dinshah and Radionics & the Subtle Anatomy of Man by David V. Tansley will be included in the workshop.

Auriculotherapy: $975.00 3 Days
Auriculotherapy is the stimulation of the ear for therapeutic intervention. It is used to alleviate health conditions in corresponding parts of the body. While originally based upon the ancient Chinese practice of Acupuncture, the somatotopic correspondence of specific parts of the body to specific parts of the ear was first developed in modern France. It is this integrated system of Chinese and Western practices of auriculosomatology which will be addressed. Instruments used: Photon Stimulator (an instrument which uses full spectrum light with Dinshah filters, delivered through fiber optic cable.), Tei-Shin-Spring Modulator, Diode Shin, French glass rod, Piezo ear pen, Net I, Net II, Pointfinder Plus, Electro Therapeutic Point Stimulator (ETPS), Electro Acupunctoscope, Chromolite II.

All Workshops will include:

  • Overview of Color & Light Healing.
  • V.A.S. (Vascular Autonomic Signal) – Monitoring the radial artery.
  • Clearing the therapeutic space. – You will learn about external stimulus such as electro-magnetic fields, radiation, geopathic stress, air electricity, and outgassing of volatile chemicals, which all have deleterious effects on the nervous system of the human organism.
  • A hand held Tri-field meter will be used to detect these electro-magnetic fields and radiation.
  • Mitigation – Orientation of workplace, polarity, Electro-conductive shielding.

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